Insurance for your collateralized loans when borrows fail to
provide their own.
In today's economy, it has never been more important for a financial institution to
protect its "bottom line."

Our collateral protection plan or
"Lenders Single Interest" insurance is designed to
do just that.

The program has certain basic areas of coverage which include but are not limited to:

  1. All risk physical damage
  2. Security agreement non-filing
  3. Skip or confiscation
  4. Physical damage to repossessed collateral.

Our plan is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of your institution and its'
clientele at the local level.

Some Individual Characteristics of the Plan

  • Simplicity - One charge for all loans eligible under the plan.
  • Rate Flexibility - The better your loss experience, the lower your rate.
  • Outstanding Loans - Coverage is available for loans already on your books -
    beginning with the effective date of your policy.
  • Individual Attention - You deal with people you can talk to - not an insensitive
  • Broad Coverage - We have included the broadest protection available in
    today's market.
  • Extended Limits - We cover loans up to 72 months with limits of liability in
    line with today's larger exposures.

Additional Features

Consider we have the flexibility to include Mobile Homes, Motorcycles, Watercraft, RV's,
Household Goods, Machinery & Equipment and other eligible types of collateral.
What this Means to You

  • Increased Profits
  • Loan Preservation
  • No Uninsured Collateral
  • Bottom Line Protection

Best of All

Our Policy is structured so there may be no cost to you.  In most areas the premium is passed on to
the borrower.  The choice, however, is yours.
Note: Of necessity, this is a synopsis only.  Please consult the policy for exact wording.
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